Hello! We
are a graphic
design studio.


Great design happens with personal commitment and passion.  

703 is a graphic design studio based in Bogotá, Colombia. Our work encompasses identity, art direction, creative consultancy, editorial design, graphic design, and illustration. Our small team affords our clients the dedication and intimacy they deserve.

At 703, we’re helpers. Our designs help brands, causes and people. We help communicate, solve, and achieve. Helping is at the core of what we do as designers. We are committed to using the resources that we have and applying them to help others.

At 703, when we get, we give.


Our Team

Diana Gaitán
Graphic Designer

Daniel Gaona
Graphic Designer

Rafaela Echeverri
Creative Director / Founder

Carlos Tamara
Graphic Designer


Get in Touch!

+ 57 1 642 4144

Calle 80 No. 8 - 14
Oficina 301
Bogotá, Colombia.